Road closures

Ray foundation

Notification of upcoming works

Work on the grid route connecting Ray Wind Farm to the substation at Fourstones is progressing well. As part of these works the following road closures will take place:

The unclassified road between Fourstones and Tower Tye will be closed from Monday 4th January 2016 for a period of approximately 14 weeks.
The U5010, Green Rigg to Sweethope Loughs will be closed for up to 14 weeks commencing Monday 25th January.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We will be working to ensure minimal disruption to those living and working along the affected roads.

Should you have any queries regarding this please contact:

E. or T: 01434 611300.

An overview of the next few months

  • Construction of the access tracks is now well underway with nearly 5 km complete.
  • Crushed rock, from on-site borrow pits, is laid and compacted to form the body of the access tracks. The roads will then be surfaced in higher quality rock to form a running surface suitable for the delivery of wind turbine components.
  • Preparing crane hardstandings. Hardstandings are required to support the crane which will eventually be used to install the wind turbines. As the road construction progresses, crushed rock will be laid and compacted to form a suitable hardstanding capable of supporting the crane during turbine installation.
  • Construction of the turbine foundations is underway.  Contractor, RJ McLeod is carrying out the works ready for the installation of 16 wind turbines this summer.