Investing in the Community

First Power Turbine
The local community will benefit from community funding that will run throughout the lifetime of the wind farm, brining over £250,000 of investment to the area annually.

A new Community Interest Company is being established which will run the fund. Following a review of the findings of the consultation with the local community carried out by Community Action Northumberland, Ray Wind Farm Community Fund Community Profile Report, the priorities for the Fund have been established, with three key strands to its work:

A charitable grants scheme – the Vattenfall Ray Wind Farm Small Grants Programme. Click here for further information

The improvement of infrastructure to support the social and economic sustainability of the area  –  such as internet, mobile phone coverage and community transport.

A legacy fund to maintain the benefit to the area long after the support from the Wind Farm operator has ceased.



Ray Wind Farm Community Fund – Information Events

The fund is due to commence mid-2017 and will run for the lifespan of the wind farm, which is expected to be 20 – 25 years.

Following a detailed local consultation, in which the local community within 10km of the wind farm shared their views on the fund, Vattenfall appointed a Steering Group of local representatives, tasked with ensuring that the fund is used to provide the greatest possible benefit for local people; working across Parish Council boundaries and with local organisations.

A series of information events are now being held so that you can find out more about progress, have your say on the priorities that are emerging, and find out how you can apply for funds.

Tuesday 4 April 2017

4pm to 8pm

Kirkharle Courtyard, NE19 2PE

Thursday 6 April 2017

4pm to 8pm

Elsdon Village Hall, NE19 1AB

Register now

Pete Barrett, Senior Programme Advisor, at the Community Foundation

on or telephone 0191 222 0945